Company Founders

The two founders of TLP Systems Ltd are Trevor Ammundsen and Paul Shepherd. They are assisted by a growing pool of contractors who provide specialised services as required by our client base

Trevor Ammundsen

Trevor has been involved with the design, development and implementation of Logistics systems for over thirty years. Much of this time was spent with MDS, working with the Acumen system which specialised in General Freight and Advanced Warehousing. Since 2004 he worked as the New Zealand Manager of Translogix Systems Ltd before setting up Logistics Consultants in 2012. During this time he developed an in depth knowledge of the Sapphire system and the various sectors of the Transport Industry that it suits.

Trevor is responsible for the development of the TLP Software suite, working closely with the team at Spiky Developments. The Sales and Marketing activities are also part of Trevor's area of focus.

Paul Shepherd

Paul has been working as a developer, implementation and support consultant in the Logistics Industry since the mid nineties. Initially he specialised in Warehouse Management, focussing on the Acumen system, before joining Translogix Systems in 2005, working as a senior implementation consultant. For the past few years he has been working as a private contractor, specialising in implementation and support of Sapphire systems before setting up Logistics Consultants and then TLP Systems Ltd.

Paul has overall responsiibility for the provision of support and services to our client base, work involving not only standard Sapphire support tasks but also a significant amount of integration work, implementation of mobility facilities and so on.