TLP Background

The system options available to Logistics Companies within New Zealand are not as strong currently as they were towards the end of the last decade. Once dominant vendors are fading away, established systems are becoming older and minor vendors remain minor. Attempts have been made to introduce American systems into the region with varying levels of success. The different focus of such systems make these systems generally unsuitable for local conditions and the requirements of New Zealand Logistics companies do not appear to be a priority to foreign developers.

For any Logistics Company seeking growth, increased profitability, efficient resource management and a future proofed operations environment the system options available have become an impediment.

The Logistics Project was originally formed as a partnership between TLP Systems Ltd (Logistics Consultants Ltd) and the leading edge Software Development company, Spiky Developments Ltd, although TLP Systems has since taken up the opportunity of taking 100% of the software ownership. The development commenced with the aim of creating an industry leading enterprise system that is not only a level ahead of any comparable system, but is at the cutting edge in terms of functionality, flexibility and performance. The aim is to achieve this by not only providing the most complete enterprise solution on the market but by having the system automatically perform functions that were previously manual tasks, even if system assisted.

In the System Overview you will notice some facilities that have not previously appeared in Logistics Systems. Facilities such as automated allocation, automated application of best practice and so on. Such facilities will assist you to meet the goals of growing your business and profit while more efficiently managing your resources.

The TLP Overview will give you a broad insight into what can be achieved with this suite. Further details can be provided and an online demonstration arranged at a time to suit you.