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Transport Module


The TLP Transport Module is a fully functional TMS that provides a processing solution for all aspects of Domestic Freight or Self-Managed Fleet operations. These include business types such as; Transport lsit

It is fully integrated with other modules in the TLP Suite enabling you to manage every aspect of the Transport Operation, from initial entry of jobs through operations, accounting and eventual detailed financial analysis of your operation.


transport mod


The extensive integration of the TLP suite enables the Transport Module to be used for business functions where the Transport component is part of something larger. For example Third Part Warehouse Distribution, Civil Engineering, In House Distribution Fleets, Distribution of Bulk Stocks, Mobile Job Maintenance functions and so on.

TLP is a rules based system that applies correct pricing, agreed contract conditions, best practice job actions along with much else upon entry of a job. Functions such as automatic allocation to runs (or manifests) can also be used to increase efficiencies and lower costs.

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