TLP Logo WideTLP Systems was founded by Trevor Ammundsen and Paul Shepherd in September 2012, operating from offices on Auckland’s North Shore. These two gentlemen had years of experience with the development, provision and deployment of computer systems within the Logistics Industry and this was the initial purpose of their new company.


While busy supporting clients throughout New Zealand and Australia it soon became apparent that the Transport Industry was maturing and becoming more demanding about the requirements of their Transport Management System. Existing legacy systems were no longer able to satisfy these demands; something more innovative was needed. Recognising this need Trevor and Paul decided that they would set about developing a Logistics Software suite that would be aimed at tomorrow, not just today.

In early 2014 TLP commenced the development of a new and exciting software suite, focussed on providing a fully integrated set of modules for companies in the Logistics Industries. The system was to give the application strength and flexibility required by larger carriers while still not ignoring the smaller operator.

Since its initial release the system has gradually grown with users throughout New Zealand and the eastern coast of Australia. These users range from smaller metropolitan carriers to large nationwide companies. The types of company also range covering Container Carriers, General Freight, Bulk Freight, Fluids, Hiab and Crane as well as Third Party Warehousing.

The TLP Company has also grown with dedicated teams of Developers, Consultants and Support personnel as well as the Management and Marketing roles.

When carrying out the initial design the company Founders were adamant that the system had to be a step up for clients, not just a replacement. This meant that it not only had to provide the level of functionality they already enjoyed but it also needed to offer more; in areas such as;

  • Automation
  • Information
  • Reduction of overheads
  • Enhanced communications with other parties
  • Enabling company growth
  • Empower the user

We are confident that we have achieved this, and being built on an extremely powerful and flexible tool kit, our users are all able to take the first step upwards. Our intention is to help them take this, and every subsequent step on their company’s path upwards.

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