“TLP’s support has been excellent. We can ring any time and get

immediate response and resolve any issues quickly.”


Auckland company, Dart Freight was formed when Roger Sowman took advantage of the opportunity presented by the entry of Freedom Furniture into New Zealand in 1996. When Farmers first started bringing Freedom Furniture into the country, Roger put on a couple of trucks and recruited partner Darren Revell to manage operations.


The nascent business grew rapidly as Freedom set up new stores around the North Island of NZ. Initially 100% dedicated to Freedom, Dart Freight has now expanded its business to the carriage of domestic furniture, appliances and fragile freight deliveries for individuals as well as for Freedom and other commercial concerns, operating between all major towns of the North Island. Dart specialises in experienced and reliable delivery using a fleet of modern furniture trucks built to their own specifications for safe transport of furniture.

Dart truck

Now with 25 employees and a management team, TLP’s Transport Management application including a full Debtors Ledger is a key way in which the company interacts with their customers; including providing daily accounts for Freedom Furniture, still 75% of their business. All of their jobs, routings, pricing, meterage, final reporting and signatures are managed through TLP.


Jobs are input into TLP and use templates called Action Cards, meaning they can work from standard models, modifying as needed, and make the onboarding of new customers or jobstypes much less manually intensive. This also means that the knowledge once held inside the heads of the management team, is now documented and available to others.


A TLP customer since 2017, Roger says that Dart is a long way from where they started administratively. He and partner Darren used to do all of the accounts themselves with pens and invoice books. A pet project of Roger’s, the company tried to design a transport management system from scratch. They walked away from this project when the costs became prohibitive with little result. They then looked again and found an application from which was originally developed for livestock transportation. Roger tried to retrofit the application to their business model but found it too difficult. Starting over, Roger googled NZ Transport Management Systems and came across TLP. He contacted Trevor Ammundsen, one of the founders, talked through the TLP application and immediately understood the thought process behind TLP. This combined with the scope for customisation of the application was key to Dart’s move to TLP.


Roger says that TLP’s support has been excellent. He says that they can ring any time and get immediate response and resolve any issues quickly. Roger is looking forward to the completion of a project underway by Freedom Furniture which will allow automatic download of Freedom’s data to TLP, making an even more seamless interface. That way the company will be able to analyse all of the moving parts of Dart’s business with Freedom in real time.


Roger is a big advocate of TLP saying that the two companies work together very well and that where Dart started with IT compared to where they are now with TLP is simply amazing.


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