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TLP Mobility

In Cab Transport Mobility

In Cab Devices  

TOBY is the acronym given to the TLP Mobility module, purely for ease of use. TOBY provides a flexible facility for the management of paperless operations using Android devices in the trucks. 

Some TOBY Features Include:

Documents In The Field 

Pre-Start Checks

Alerts & Reminders

The diverse nature of the activities of logistics companies poses many challenges. Resources need to be balanced to ensure good outcomes. Extensive investment in equipment items of various types must be managed to ensure a positive return is being realised on those assets. The various types of jobs, which can range from a simple cartage job to a multi-faceted contract involving the use of many items of equipment and other resources such as company staff, suppliers and inventory, must be managed to ensure deadlines are met and profit realised. And of course the logistics company may be responsible for client’s inventory and have a need to manage this, and also to ensure related storage and activity functions realise a positive return for the company.


The TLP Software suite has been designed with recognition of this diversity and a goal of presenting Logistics Companies with the ability to manage all aspects of their operations in one integrated system, while allowing the company to utilise specialised accounting applications for the things they are suitable for.


The central component of the TLP System is the Transport Management Module which enables the management of the core role of the company. This document provides a description of the TOBY Mobility suite which adds in cab processing and visual Despatch aids to the base TLP Transport Management module.


TOBY is designed to bring the benefits of in-cab connectivity to the TLP Transport Management System and to provide despatch with the assistance of viewing their operations on a map.


In practice this involves tight seamless integration to Android devices to provide drivers with additional benefits and responsibilities and the same level of integration to mapping facilities.

Click Here To view a brief demo of the TOBY system