“Netlogix selected TLP Systems based on the high level of customisation capabilities”


Executive Director of Netlogix Ltd, Mark Rogers, is responsible for the company’s Commercial and IT portfolios. He was one of three founders of the company in 2012, who saw a need in the New Zealand market to more intelligently leverage and maximise freight capacity on a nation-wide basis, for companies of all sizes. In the day, the choices for an average sized NZ company needing to move cargo, were either to work with and pay for one of the few national freight carriers, whose revenue models did not scale down, or to work with a large number of smaller freight operators who were more difficult and expensive to manage.


Armed with charter customer Carter Holt Harvey, who already had a nationally based network of transportation carriers, Netlogix set out to form a new non-asset based information model created to optimise and utilise CHH’s national freight capacity. Their model focuses on load, route and cost optimisation leveraging back and forward load fills between sites for the existing network of freight owners and freight carriers, giving them much greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. They have now rolled out this model to many new customers.


Collaboration is the key to the technology-enabled Netlogix model and their philosophy is one of application integration rather than development. Netlogix collaborates with a small number of “best of breed” 3rd party IT partners such as TLP Systems to tailor their back end engine so they can provide a completely accurate information base which is straightforward and easy to shape to customer and partner needs.


This back end engine is fronted by a simple transactional interface to their customers and suppliers providing a centralised “freight front desk“with a single point of contact and accountability. Now covering Australasia, Netlogix have grown their freight network of partnerships and customers to more than 400 carriers, moving over four million freight tonnes per annum through more than 4,500 freight corridors.


To effectively achieve this open environment Netlogix has worked closely with applications providers like TLP Systems, who have a rich track record of integration and customisation. Netlogix specifically chose TLP Systems to drive the management of their container handling operation which is focused on combining and maximising loads for container space utilisation inwards and back to landing ports. TLP’s Transport Management module gives Netlogix the ability to book jobs, track container movements, both full and empty, plus allows them real time invoicing of customers and suppliers, and coverage for all of the MPI and other compliance needs. TLP’s Edi/API interface has been key in enabling Netlogix to integrate with the Port’s container management system - Port Connect. This gives integration to the Ports of Auckland and Tauranga, giving them completely integrated container configuration, optimisation and reporting.


Netlogix selected TLP Systems based on the high level of customisation capabilities they could provide at economical rates. Onboarding TLP, Mark says that Netlogix was under extremely tight time constraints for the core customisation they needed. TLP met all their customisation needs on time and on budget. Mark also adds that TLP’s ongoing support has been responsive and timely.


Mark says that every customer and network partner has slightly different requirements for their transactions with Netlogix and that it is their “dead simple” front-end process supported by their completely accurate back end data engine which allows them to optimise each interaction with each customer in almost a “no touch model”. This has been made possible by technology partners like TLP Systems.


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