The TLP user can chose to interface their TLP Operational Systems to a third party Financial System if this is their preference. For those that see the benefit of a Financial System that is fully integrated with operational systems, providing;

One Version of The Truth and presenting specific analytical information for their enterprise then the TLP Financial suite offers great benefits.

Central to the provision of these benefits is the TLP Analytics. 


 TLP Analytics

This takes statistical and financial data from every element of your business and merges these to give you a real and useful financial picture of your company’s performance, indicating areas of excellence and areas where improvement is needed.

In addition to the TLP Analytics the TLP Financials includes standard financial modules such as; Finance

As they are totally integrated with the operational systems they will provide you with useful functionality such as the ability to reconcile Customer Payments to a Job level, to reconcile Sub-Contractor Invoices to your Manifests or Run Sheets and so on.

Time Sheet processing is provided to enable time data to be captured for business aspects such as Workshop Labour, Contract Labour, Driver’s Wages and so on. This data updates the financial modules and is exported to third party payroll systems for that part of the process.

To find out more about how the TLP Operational and Financial systems can offer you a true picture of company performance