Unsure if you are getting the best out of your old computer systems and whether they are right for your company and the directions you are taking?

TLP Systems are aware of the day to day struggles those in the logistics industry face, burning through valuable time and money utilising limited solutions or arduous manual processes. 

That is where TLP  has been designed to help!  

Whether you are in Freight, Warehousing, Contracting, Jobbing, or a company requiring something tailored to suit your transport needs, you will be able to benefit from our modern, high performance, Enterprise Logistics Management platform. 

TLP can help you manage your operation, with its specific requirements, through the use of an integrated suite of industry specific software modules.

Transport Management:  This allows a Domestic Freight Carrier to completely manage every aspect of their operation.

Warehouse Management: This enables a Third-Party Warehouse company to manage and grow their operation, integrating it to the Transport module for comprehensive and seamless management.

Fleet Management: Any fleet owner will be able to not only manage their Repairs and Maintenance functions but also to gain extensive knowledge about fleet operational performance and profitability.

Financial Management: This module not only carries out your accounting functions but allows you to obtain comprehensive financial pictures of your company performance based upon operational elements and resources.

Contract Management: If you have larger Contracts where the Transport element is just a component, but an important one then you will find this module is the icing on the cake.


And of course we haven’t forgotten about your mobile staff and offer you our Mobile Apps
TOBY for your Drivers
WOBY for your Warehouse staff 
KOBY for the Forklift Operators


As well as all of these comprehensive modules, our consultants can assist with the production of the varied reports required by Logistics companies, both management and operational either by training you on the report writing facilities we provide or by using our team to produce these reports for you. 

Plus we can even take it to the next step and work with you to have a custom system configured to meet YOUR needs based upon our very functional logistics IP set and an extremely powerful and efficient development tool kit.

We supply a full range of services including system configuration, report writing, pilot testing, system training all through utilising the skills and experience of our two founders plus a team of specialists to provide the expertise to help you achieve the most out what we can deliver to you.

Step Up to TLP! 

Let us to assist you with a review of your current systems and processes, to provide you with a report detailing all the options we can provide and our recommendations to you! 

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