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Case study - Symons Group

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“Technology is such a cornerstone of success for Symons Group”


Taranaki Company, Symons Group, considers themselves the “All Blacks” of the trucking industry, although the company is much more than a trucking company.

Symonds TruckFormed in 1984, Symons group has developed an integrated set of services that deliver a “one-stop  shop” including transport, energy services, purpose built warehousing and waste remediation services tailored to specific customer business requirements. Their differentiation is quality. Dedicated to the well-being of their people and obsessed with health and safety, Symons Group are focused on providing the best in technology, processes and state of the art equipment ensuring their customers receive superior results.


Technology plays a large role for Symons Group and TLP Systems, with their Transport and Mobility modules are a key platform for Symons Group’s Transport Services, the foundation service of the company. By virtue of a diverse transport customer base and the nature of their cartage needs, there is a high level of dynamism in every transport customer job, which is becoming increasingly automated through the TLP Systems.


Logistics Manager, Meg Bartle cites her relationship with TLP as one of collaboration and learning on both sides and says that over the last two years that TLP has worked closely with her, listened and learned, so that now the interactions have developed into a partnership as they build more customisation into the platform.


Through customisation of TLP’s Transport and Mobility modules Meg and her team are able to dynamically send each driver’s workflow for the day, Logistics Manager, Meg Bartle including CIP requirements onto tablets in every truck. The drivers then manage their workflow online and Meg’s team pull real time reports on workflow status at 7 am and 7 pm to submit to Fonterra. The system also provides a great deal of transparency to all Symons Transport customers.


Meg and TLP are currently working on a new CSV interface which will be able to provide load plans for liquid cartage, catering to the unique load plan for every truck. These are automatically calculated by TLP based on volume, product density and the final destination of each load. During the busy milk season there can be up to six unique jobs per truck which require load plans, manifests and the rest. TLP and Meg are working closely together to take this process onto their system directly from spreadsheet eliminating the current manual process which will save Meg and her team an immense amount of time.


Now in her third year of working with TLP Systems, Meg calls her relationship with the company brilliant. Through almost intuitive interaction and some trial and error, the two companies are working even more closely towards customisation of the system. Because technology is such a cornerstone of success for Symons Group, this relationship is critical to their success.


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