The TLP Warehouse Management System is a Third Party WMS that is fully integrated with the TLP TMS, thereby enabling you to manage your clients distribution chain through receipt of inward goods, storage and eventual distribution to your client’s clients. And at all times you are able to provide your clients with complete visibility of their products and their distribution status.

The TLP WMS is especially suitable for Hazardous Goods storage and distribution, being provided with the UNNO tables and classes etc which can be applied easily to products. We also provide the ability to record product interactions so that you can control what is stored with what.

The prime WMS unit is called a Movement, often a pallet space but could be a smaller or larger unit. Complete history and visibility is maintained for every Movement.


















The TLP WMS offers much more than basic warehousing, also offering features such as;


Ongoing development continually adds to the facilities you are able to use with the TLP WMS so why not.