For any Fleet Operator who wishes to gain an accurate insight to the financial returns being received from the various Fleet items this module is a must. The TLP Fleet Management collects analytical data from operational and financial areas and presents this in a meaningful form, providing you with in depth information on your Fleet items.





To provide this data the TLP Fleet Module is integrated with operational systems, GPS and financial systems.

It also incorporates a Workshop Management facility whereby maintenance schedules can be set up and incorporated into the Workshop Planning facility. Unplanned work can also be undertaken. This unplanned work could possibly be from defects recorded on the driver’s mobile device (TOBY) when he was carrying out a pre-trip inspection.

All Workshop Jobs are costed from Mechanics Time, Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices, Inventory used and of course this includes Tyres which are recorded as to position placed and so on.

Your Fleet  represents a significant investment and so having in depth information about the returns you are, or are not, getting from this investment is vital for any Fleet Operator.


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