When you run a logistics company, the daily challenge of keeping track of loads, trucks, and driver schedules can be overwhelming at times and we know the goal of any coordinator is to optimise their scheduling, get their team and assets to the right place, every time. So we thought we should tell you how we can help you.




  • You can have easy access and viewing of the scheduling information that is essential to any transport operation.
  • You can save valuable time in simplifying the management of your staffs movement, equipment and contractors.

TLP seeks to give you simple yet effective ways of visualizing your scheduling information. Allowing you to be able to schedule teams and their equipment to projects and jobs in one space, while viewing multiple schedules at a glance and know where your staff are, at all times.





This screen illustrates this through the new TLP’s New Calendar based Job Allocation facility.

Unallocated jobs are shown to the left and Trucks with available time to the right. To allocate you merely click and drag the job to the appropriate time slot.



Calendar 2




  • Colours change to denote status.
  • Hold cursor over job to get a list of options
  • Use the mouse to extend or alter times for the job
  • Use as an Allocation Tool or Operations Dashboard





Right: Calendar views can also be used for Planning tasks Such As.

 Calendar 3

  • Contract Planning
  • Job Planning
  • Workshop Planning
  • Slot Bookings
  • Dock / Door Booking







TLP Systems Ltd is one of Australasia’s leading Transport Management Software providers. We would like to let you know about some of the great new features we have just released to New Zealand and Australia. Created both through feedback from our existing customers and what we have seen as a need coming from the market

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