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TLP Systems Ltd offer a wide range of services, utilising not only the skills and experience of the two founders but also a team of specialist contractors who provide the expertise that enhances the services offered.Professional Services

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 Site Review:

Unsure if you are getting the best out of your current system and whether it is right for your company and the directions you are taking.

We can assist with a review of your systems and other processes and provide you with a report detailing the options you have and our recommendations as to best overall future plan. 

Contract Management:

If you have larger Contracts where the Transport element is just a component, but an important one then you will find this module is the icing on the cake

Best Practice Review:

Happy with your existing system but not certain that you are getting the best out of it, or using it properly. We can assist by carrying out a Best Practice Review, looking at you current system usage and manual processes and providing you with a report detailing the changes that can be made to enhance your system usage and benefit your company.

Business Analysis:

Having decided upon a new system or system module you need to decide how you intend to implement. We can assist by carrying out an analysis of your business and provide a report detailing how the software is to be set up and put in place the plan to do the work.

System Implementation and Configuration:

We can assist with your new implementation, offering a full range of services including system configuration, report writing, pilot testing etc.  System Training of your staff on system usage is an on going requirement. It is needed when your system is first implemented and it is needed as staff change or take on new roles.

Systems Support: 

If you need some help then check out our TLP WIKI which is filled with everything to help you get the best out of your system and hints to make your life easier. If that doesn't work then we are just a phone call away. Don't forget we also have a product blog and facebook community.

Project Management:

Major projects are often hampered by lack of focussed management. 

We can assist by providing the management services that ensure the project stays on track.

Report Writing Services

Our consultants can assist with the production of the varied reports required by Logistics companies, both management and operational. This can be by training you on the report writing facilities you have or using our team to produce these reports for you.


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